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Welcome to the Support Service

This Support Service system replaces the earlier "Ask a Question" form on our main website. This new system enables you to keep track of your questions and our answers through email and online. It's a quick and easy way to get our personal professional advice.

Your question could relate to all matters concerning natural wooden flooring, from which wood floor type would be most suitable for your circumstances, about specific problems you encounter (think you will encounter) with installing wooden floors up to how to keep your wood floor in good health and beautiful.

If you are a DIY-er check out our 160 pages Wooden Floor Installation Manual

How to ask our advice:


Fill in the form on the tab "Submit a Request"

This method allows you also to attached files such as images to your question.


You'll find this "Attach file" link at the bottom of the form.

If this is the first time you've submitted a question this way you will be asked first (by email) to confirm your email address. Only if you activate your email address will your question reach us.

Testimonials on our Support Service

"Hi Karin, Thanks very much for answering so quickly! This is the best website on wooden flooring on the Internet!"
R. Russell

"Thank you, you helped me loads... Have fit 2 rooms so far - just the kitchen to go! (another 30m2!!!!)"
James B.

"Your advice was absolutely spot on, I did as you told me and not only have a laid the floor in the hall and passageway (it's a bungaloe), but did another two rooms after that, and the whole thing worked a treat, pity somebody like you folk weren't overhere! Best wishes"
Ross M.

"Unfortunately, I had already bought my wood when I found your site.
However, your site was probably the most helpful one I found for installation advice and other useful information, for which - thank you.
My job is now done, and I no longer need your advice. However, I shall be happy to point anyone interested in flooring towards your website.
Regards, Mike S.

"As usual your answer was succint, well ventilated and appropriate. In addition the speed of your replies were quite brilliant. Your service overall can hardly be bettered in my opinion. However, the fact that you are always trying to improve is reflective of your business and great credit to your whole team and the philosphy that drives you. You deserve to succeed(as you appear to be) in your chosen field."
David H

"The information that you provided was very precise and specific and as a result has been a great help and as a result the moisture content of the floor has been checked and the carpenter that I use will be laying the floor in a fortnights time.
I couldn't have asked for a more simple and straightforward answer to the question that I asked. Many, many thanks."


All advice given is for guidelines only, Wood You Like doesn't know the exact situation or circumstances of your home and/or quality of the products already there. Although the advice will be based on details submitted by you, any person who relies upon any advice provided by Wood You Like given by email, or which is contained in any of Wood You Like's websites does so entirely at their own risk. Wood You Like therefore accepts no duty or liability whatsoever, other than a duty to act honestly in good faith.


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