Problems with your floor?

One frequent occurring matter landing in our inbox or phoned about seems to be encountering a quality problem with the wood flooring bought.

Product of nature

Some online retailers pride themselves on sending out free samples of wooden flooring. We on the other hand know a tiny sample can and will never show you the rich natural variety any wooden floor has. The tiny sample sent out to you by others could be pre-selected on appearance - for instance one tiny knot when you select a rustic grade.
Basing your purchase decision on just such a tiny sample is asking for problems. When your rustic grade floor arrives, it contains large knots and colour variations between the boards. Not at all like the tiny sample you received. Some can feel disappointed, but to be honest, you should only rate a tiny sample on the quality of the construction, not on the natural appearance of the wood floor itself. Only high resolution images of interior designs are able to give you at least a better impression of the true natural look your preferred wooden floor eventual has.

Therefore, if you find yourself in the possession of a natural wooden floor that does not resemble the sample your supplier sent out to you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • what was the description of the product, did it mention the grade and the characteristics of this grade?
  • does your floor at least resemble the image the seller listed with this article?
  • the sample sent, did it mention not to take it "at face value"? Most samples will carry a label stating it is indicative only, the natural structures and colours of genuine wood may vary.
  • is the quality of the floor, including the T&G or click-system, conform the sample received?
  • if your supplier has a showroom, did you see a large sample of the floor - containing at least parts of 2 or 3 different boards - bought there?

If in any doubt, contact your supplier immediately with your complaint - every supplier should inform you how to contact them and what their terms and conditions of trading are. If bought strictly online, based on the little sample received and not seen a larger sample in situ, you might be in for a struggle getting a decent answer quickly (as many disappointed clients of strictly online sellers keep telling us).
After receiving your ordered floor, you have 7 days to log your complaint, based on the standard terms and condition of "distant selling" purchases. So, always check at least a few packs on contents the day your order arrives, to see if the floor received is of the grade and quality you thought you bought.

Prevent problems


At the risk of stating the obvious: the best way to prevent the above problem is to visit an independent specialised retailer in natural wooden flooring. They have large real samples in their showroom, can advice you face to face on all things related to the product of your choice and - if you plan to install the floor yourself - are often more than happy to give you tips on the best installation method and products for your situation.

Does this come at a higher price than wooden floors you can find online? It often appears so.
Does this come with more and better guarantees you definitely will receive the wooden floor you selected? Always.

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