Did you know there are three main types of Design Parquet Patterns?

One of the most valuable and grand natural wooden flooring is still an original Design Parquet floor. Installed block by block or tile by tile in your own home.

If it's good enough for Kings and Queens, is it good enough for you!


Design tiles often consists of 10 up to 23! individual wood pieces, very precisely cut to eliminate gaps between the pieces. Some tiles have their own border, either square or in an angle to add to the look of the pattern. One single individual tile only shows you a first impression of the actual pattern, you'll have to see at least 4 or 8 tiles next to each other to fully appreciate the dynamics.

Dedicated website for all patterns

The title of this article - did you know there are three main types of Design Parquet Pattern - is answered in depth on Wood You Like's dedicated to unique natural wooden flooring website. Answered not just with words, all patterns in all three types are present in large high resolution images.

To give you a "pre-view"

Loose blocks/strip patterns


Vienna Point in 60 degrees (Oak Prime wood used)

Pattern Tiles


Zuilichem #21 - also in Oak Prime

Enclosed Tiles


Kernhem #18 - again in the most popular wood species for Design Parquet: Oak Prime

Browse all patterns on your leisure, then give us a call on 01233 713725 - or shoot us an email using the special email links underneath every pattern - to discuss options, prices and lead times


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