New (or 1 - 2 year old) floor, do I need to re-oil?


When you purchase a wooden floor, it should be standard to receive after-care tips.

Easy maintenance

All of our clients receive our maintenance leaflet when we finished installing their wooden floor - or in cases of DIY installation/purchase, together with the materials. It lists the few simple steps you take to keep your wooden floor healthy and beautiful for a very long time.

However, not every supplier/installer takes this view (of adding extra - free - information to the sale).





Same answer, time after time:


The easy maintenance products in our online shop range from wash-care for all floor finishes, polishes for lacquer and polishes for oiled floors, plus wax-care Spray (for even easier maintenance) for all floor finishes and some simple application tools.

No need to clear all piece of furniture out of the room and having to wait at least 4 - 6 hours before the oil is dry before you can use the room again - maintenance products are dry within 15 minutes! And .... non slippery.


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