Grigio Range - rediscovered Artist's Pigments on Oak

Until paint was produced commercially during the Industrial Revolution (circa 1800), painters had to make their own paints by grinding pigment into oil. The paint would harden and would have to be made fresh each day. Paint consists of small grains of pigment suspended in oil.

In portraits and in illustrations of religious and mythological subject matter the great Venetian masters of the sixteenth century manipulated the substance and colour of pigments to achieve naturalistic, decorative and expressive ends.

Introducing the Grigio Range Load-bearing Wood-Engineered boards


Last year our Dutch (Bespoke) Design Parquet manufacturer Lieverdink introduced this new oil finish, Grigio (Italian for Grey) using 5 rediscovered Artist's Pigments to create unique authentic appearance of Oak flooring. From the launch these original finishes have been available in 6mm wood blocks and "tapis" or "overlay" floors in various widths.


Pure Grey in triple herringbone


Valed Grey in Hungarian Point (Cheveron)

Now they - and we - are happy to inform you that the 5 olden colours are now also available as load-bearing wood-engineered boards in 2 widths (180mm and 220mm).
The 18mm thick board has a 6mm Solid Oak layer, unbevelled (square edged). An extra feature of this new Grigio product is the (unique) dark tongue which gives a shade effect to the boards should there be any (seasonal) gaps appear between the boards.

5 Authentic colours:


From left to right (see below for larger images per colour):
Antique Red, Old Brown, Pure Grey, Valed Grey and Slate Grey


Antique Red


Antique Red


Old Brown


Old brown


Pure Grey


Vale Grey


Valed Grey


Slate Grey


Slate Grey

Every floor its own certificate


Because of the uniqueness of this range you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your floor and the floor itself will have its own production code (printed on the back of the product).

Prices etc

For up to date prices and availability give us a call on 01233 - 713725 now to discuss your requirements and accessories (such as suitable underlayment).

Delivery time: between 2 - 4 weeks, so order in time!

Alternatively: visit our showroom in Charing (Kent) where we can show you large samples of this quality range.

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