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From their own FSC certified forest (FSC = The wood in this product comes from well managed forests independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council) in South Americaour Duoplank manufacturer receives their own FSC Tropical range (Chaco-Wood Duoplank)

Inpa Parket: from FSC Forest to FSC Floor - Exotic, durable and sustainable.

In cooperation with the local communities the forest is cared for and your wood floor engineered from scratch.

Why Chaco-Wood Duoplank?

* High stability by combining 4 or 5 mm Solid wood with 12 or 15mm water-resistant-plywood (birch)
* Characteristics and durability are comparable to 21mm Solid wood flooring
* Available in 12 different wood species providing a variety in colours and characteristics
* Certified from sustainable own source
* Easy DIY installation (due to quality T&G construction), can be installed floating, fully glued down and secret nailed direct onto joists (20mm only)



Wood species: various, all from South America (Bolivia mainly)
Dimensions: 16 x 35 x 450 - 2100mm, 20 x 135 x 450 -2100mm, 20 x 180 x 750 - 2100mm
Profile: bevelled on long sides, T&G construction all around
Finishes: unfinished, varnished, oiled, brushed, coloured and bespoke

Chaco-Wood FSC Duoplank 20 x 135 x 450 - 2100mm

Further Specifications: 5mm Solid top layer, anti-scratch lacquer, micro-belleved on long sides and packed per 1.64 sq m pack (random lengths)

Available in the following wood-species


Incienso Colorado
The trees grows to max 38 meters, with a branch free part of 8 to 15 meters. The trunk has a max diameter of 1.2 meters. The bark contains a balsam with a nice smell, used for medical treatment as well as for incense in church.
After treatment the floor turns reddish with a fine smooth grain


The colour of the fresh sawn wood is grey-brown but it darkens upon exposure to red with darker coloured, almost black streaks which give the wood attractive appearance. This wood specie has an extreme durability.


Jatoba - oil finish
The average height of the tree is 30meter. The fresh sawn heart wood has a flesh colour which changes to dark red-brown after finishing it and exposure to sunlight.


Jatoba - lacquered


Kurupayra (oil finish)
The tree is reported to reach a height of about 24 meters, with a trunk diameter of 60 to 90 cm. It develops straight and clear boles that about 7 meters long. The heartwood colour is initially pale brown, but it darkens upon exposure to reddish brown.


The trees grows to max 25 meters. Heartwood is yellow-brown to reddish-violet sometimes almost black coloured with a lot of variation. Morado darkens upon exposure to violet brown with beautiful grain structure which give the wood an attractive appearance.


Tajibo (also know as Lapacho, Ipe, Brazilian Walnut)
The tree is medium-sized, attaining a height of 20 to 25m, with a trunk diameter of about 75cm. Trunks are straight to somewhat slanted and are often clear of branches to about two-thirds the total height of the tree. After treatment the wood looks brownish, with light brown variations with a beautiful grain.


Lapacho oiled natural


Tarara Amarilla
The trees grows to max 30 meters. Color of the T. amarilla: yellowish-brown with clearly zones from each other set off. The concentric zones have the character of year rings. The saliently minted zones are yellow, brown in the color play to violet colors.
Tarara Amarilla is something different and therefore highly decorative.


Tarara Colorada (lacquer finish)
The trees grows to max 30 meters. Color of the Tarara Colorada: rose-pink to light red, streaky, but by far not as pronouncedly as with the Tarara Amarilla.

Chaco-Wood FSC Duoplank 16 x 135 x 450 - 2100mm

Further Specifications: 4mm Solid top layer, unfinished, micro-bevelled on long sides and packed per 2.27 sq m (random lengths)

Available in the following wood-species:
Morado Prime and Rustic
Tarara Amarilla
Tarara Colorada


Ybyraro/Anjunao - oil finish
The tree reaches heights up to 25 meters. The trunk is straight and cylindrical. The heartwood is reddish-brown (salmon) and is reported to have some similarity to Mahogany.

Chaco-Wood Duoplank 20 x 180 x 750 - 2100mm

Further Specifications: 5mm Solid top layer, unfinished or pre-finished, standard bevel on long sides and packed per 5 boards of same length.

Available in
Curupau - unfinished and pre-oiled
Jatoba - unfinished and pre-oiled
Lapacho/Tajibo - unfinished, pre-oiled an anti-scratch lacquer
Tarara Amarilla - unfinished and pre-oiled
Tarara Colorada - unfinished
Ybyraro/Ajunao - unfinished

Chaco-Wood Solid


The FSC range from our Duoplank manufacturer is also available in Solid wood floors, ranging from 20 x 70mm wood strips to 20 x 230 boards and even as "end-grain" tiles (see our Design Parquet range section for more details).
Call us for up to date prices and availability for Solid FSC floors on 01233 - 713725.

Prices etc

For up to date prices and availability give us a call on 01233 - 713725 now to discuss your requirements and accessories (such as suitable underlayment).

Alternatively: visit our showroom in Charing (Kent) where we can show you large samples of this quality range.

Our own FSC stamp of approval:


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