Things you SHOULD NOT expect from a wooden floor!

1.    A floor without (tiny) gaps between the floorboards, or within the parquet pieces. Although your new floor may start tight together, as a natural product is will continue to absorb and release moist. This natural process will cause the floor to expand and shrink from season to season, resulting in gaps between some of the boards in your floor. Some colours, such as white, will show this more than others.
2.    A floor that will not indent. In spite of the term hardwood, most floors will indent under high heel traffic (specially when heels are damaged), dropping hard or sharp materials on it. The finish that is applied will not prevent the dents.
3.    A monochromatic floor. Wood, as a natural product, varies from piece to piece, from board to board. Remember it's not fabricated (like Melamine Laminate flooring), it's milled from a tree and will have grain and colour variations consistent with the grade and species of the wood selected.
4.    A dust-free finish. When we/you apply the finish to the floor in your home, it's not possible to achieve a 'clear room' environment. Some dust will fall into the freshly applied material.

Remember that furniture, cabinets, doors etc are fabricated in a factory under ideal conditions and that they contain 1 - 10 different pieces of wood. Your floor is 'fabricated' in your own home and is made up of 10 to a thousand individual pieces.
Remember also that your floor is never to be duplicated, a truly custom wooden floor of your own!

And to recap all the benefits Natural Wooden Flooring can give you:

1.    easy day-to-day care and maintenance with the knowledge that a clean wooden floor is really clean and doesn't hide house dust mites etc
2.    a solid investment that keeps its value over years to come and is a quality feature to promote when the time might come you start thinking of selling your home
3.    one of the most anti-allergic floor coverings you can have, a real benefit for Asthma, allergy and even eczema sufferers
4.    eco-friendly, for every tree used in wooden flooring from sustained forests new trees are planted and trees are nature's way of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing the oxygen we breathe

Please feel free to call us (01233 - 713725), email us (, visit our showroom or our websites if you need further advice, tips or to select your own Natural Wooden Flooring, maintenance or (DIY) fitting and finishing materials.

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